Illustration of a hand drawing with a pencil.I do both editorial and commercial work. And my illustrations have appeared in such publications as Sports Illustrated, The Globe and Mail, The Washington Post and Fortune. Trader Joe’s, Loblaws and Lakeport Brewery have used them for their packaging.


Illustration of a circus performer holding a barbell while balancing on one foot on the back of a galloping horse.I’ll make it work for you. I’ll listen to what you want and give it to you when you need it. You say you’d like it in a high-res rasterized format? No problem. Want a vector file with spot colours? Done. I know all the file types and when to use them.


Illustration of an open door.I think I’m a pretty easy guy to get in touch with. That makes me accessible. But accessibility is also about making files easy to read for people who are blind or partially sighted. One of my specialties is taking PDF files and getting them ready for a screen-reader.