A series of cartoons I did to promote SnAP, a new management program for InBev. Writing and art direction, Lee Downs, Amoeba Communications.

Media: pencil, scanned and watercolour effect added in Photoshop.

A man and woman are standing at a water fountain as another man in a suit of armour walks away. The woman is saying, "Wow. You're right... as a manager he really is behind the times."

Cartoon of a man carrying a huge pile of boxes that are about to fall. Another man walking by is saying, "Sorry Frank, can't help you. I'm in training."Cartoon of a skeleton with cobwebs on it at an assembly line. A man is saying, "Jim, weren't you supposed to retire five years ago?"Cartoon of a man and woman on a bottle assembly line watching as the bottles reach the end and smash on the ground. He's saying, "The end of the line hasn't been the same without Jane."A man with a clipboard is talking to a man in a bear suit. He's saying, "You're new here, aren't you?"Cartoon of a woman at a desk with towers of papers around her. Another woman at the door says, "Let me guess. Your team have started sending in their vacation requests."Cartoon of a business man and woman pouring coffee. He's saying, I heard they just got back Keith's car. Didn't he leave in '05?"Cartoon of a man looking at a computer screen saying to a woman nearby, "Hey, did you know you report to me?"